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Couples always prefer spontaneous and emotional pictures. But only a few weddings are prepared for this to happen. So here you have a few advices that would really help yours wedding plan. Read this wedding tips and think about how it can help you. If you need more, help please contact me.

1. Pre Wedding photos really helps! 

In the e-session your photographer has time to connect with you and your couple. Learn about your fears, interests, hobbies, etc. Also it’s a perfect moment to practice how you can get better images in your wedding.


2. Bright and clean place for Bride and Groom preparations.

Sometimes we found beautiful hotels but with really bad lighting. Not only photographers need light for beautiful photos. Also make up artists, hairdressers, and videographers. In the other hand, houses with lots of furniture or decoration doesn’t help for nice compositions, usually in photography less is more!

Leave the door open while you’re putting on your wedding dress, it´s part of the day.


3.  Consider delays in your timing schedule

Short delays always happen in weddings. So you don’t want to loose time of your bridal portaits because of this.


4.  Think about the lighting of your ceremony.

Of course that getting married during the daylight it’s the best option. If getting married during the sunrise is not an option, think about in a good lighting for your ceremony. You can found a lot of ideas in Pinterest.

5. Exchange vows, please!

I know it’s not easy for a lot of people to talk in public, but it’s a really emotional part that every wedding should have. Maybe some relatives also want to talk, give them the chance to do that!

6. If you want to cry, you should cry!

Emotions are one of the most beautiful things in the life. Make up is not that important.

7. Talk with the DJ about party lighting and smoke machine.

Laser lights can broke cameras when we take photos, so it wouldn’t be weird if your photographer runs away from this lasers. So take that into consideration, a lot of laser lights in the dance floor is not a good idea for your photos.

Smoke machines can destroy lots of pictures too. It can be interesting for some shoots, but in most cases it takes time for smoke to leave, so photos can be really messy.

So, what is the best DJ equipment for photos? I love led lights, moving head lights, mirror balls and confeti paper machines!


8. Forget the photographers, you only have to enjoy!

Sometimes people want spontaneous photos, but when they see a camera they change their expression.

You don’t have to make the moments, you only have to live them.

So please have fun like crazy, hug and kiss your family all the time, cry and laugh as much as possible. But not for the camera, do it every day in your life!

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